Stations and Apparatus

Fire Station 1

Fire Station 1 opened in June of 2008 and is centrally located at 800 Southwest A Street. Fire Station 1 was featured in the November 2008 edition of Fire Chief magazine as the 2008 Station Styles Gold Medal winner in the Career Fire Stations category. 

This station has administrative offices for the fire staff and is highlighted by a five-level training tower and a museum incorporated into the lobby. 

This station houses Battalion 1, Truck 1, Engine 1, Support 1, Rescue 1, Engine 219, Squad 1, Squad 10 and two special response vehicles.

Station 1 at dusk with lawn and street

Fire Station 2

Fire Station 2 opened in 1989 (renovated in 2012) and is located near I-49 (exit 86) at 1610 Southeast Moberly Lane. 

This fire station houses Truck 2 and Squad 2 and covers the southeast portion of the city protecting several target hazards and providing mutual aid assistance to the Rogers Fire Department.

Fire Station 2 facade from across the Street

Fire Station 3

Fire Station 3 opened in 1996 and is located at 907 Northwest 13th Street. 

This station houses Engine 3 and Squad 3 and includes an apparatus maintenance pit. This station protects the northwest portion of the city and provides mutual aid to the Bella Vista Fire Department.

Facade of Station 3 with lawn and sidewalk and garage

Fire Station 4

Fire Station 4 opened on April 1, 2001 and is the only two-story station in the city. Station 4 is located near I-49 (exit 88) at 900 Northeast McCollum Road and houses Engine 4, Squad 4, and Brush 4 protecting the northeast portion of the city.

Facade of Station 4 with three open bays

Fire Station 5

Fire Station 5 opened on March 21, 2005 and is located at 800 Southwest Elm Tree Road. 

This station houses Engine 5, Squad 5 and Brush 5 protecting the west side of the city and providing mutual aid response to the Centerton Fire Department.

Station 5 with three bays and lawn and flag

Fire Station 6

Fire Station 6 opened on March 6, 2015 and is located at 3312 Southwest I Street.

This station houses Engine 6 and Squad 6 and protects the southwest portion of the city providing mutual aid response to Cave Springs, Highfill and XNA Regional Airport.

Station 6 with lawn and four bays

Photo Gallery

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