Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning is a division of the Community Development Department and is responsible for long-range planning, future land use plan, plan implementation, development reports, demographic data, regulatory review, and community programs.

  1. Comprehensive Planning

    Physical Address
    305 SW A Street
    Bentonville, AR 72712

  2. Shelli Kerr

    Comprehensive Planning Manager, AICP

  3. Baylea Birchfield


  4. Christopher Hyatt


Community Programs

Great Neighborhoods PartnershipLogo-Final

Getting to know your neighbors and being engaged in your community can be a rewarding experience for you and your neighbors. Organizing or joining a neighborhood group or association is a great way to get involved. Bentonville's Great Neighborhoods Partnership connects Mayor Orman's core goals of transparency and improved communication with residents to the Community Plan's goal of stronger neighborhoods to establish Bentonville as a "great place to plant roots." More information...

Historic Preservation 

Bentonville's history is important, especially in an ever-changing landscape. To recognize the accomplishments of those who have committed to the preservation of Bentonville's historic integrity, the city created the Historic Preservation Award. More information... 

Public Art

Art enhances Bentonville's identity as a community that values creative and diverse expressions. In recognition of the importance of integrating public art into our daily lives, city council established the Public Art Advisory Committee. This committee proactively works to add art to Bentonville's public spaces by commissioning artists, issuing calls for artwork, and reviewing proposals for artwork to be placed on public property. More information... 

Trees & Landscaping

Bentonville recognizes the numerous health, environmental and economic benefits that trees and landscaping offer a community. Established initially to protect trees on public property, the Tree & Landscape Advisory Committee has broadened its focus and works to maintain, improve, renew and protect Bentonville's urban forest. They hold tree giveaways to Bentonville residents in the spring and fall, sponsor residential and commercial landscaping awards, and maintain Bentonville's Tree City USA status. More information... 


Individuals, families, businesses and civic groups often look for opportunities to get involved in the community. The Bentonville Volunteer Program identifies volunteering opportunities offered by the city and collects information to apply for the Volunteer Community of the Year awarded by the Office of the Governor. More information...

Annual Development Reports

Comprehensive Planning prepares a report each year identifying development activity in Bentonville. It includes projects and requests that come through the Planning Commission as well as building permit data. See reports...

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