The City of Bentonville participates in the Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Flood Insurance Program, Community Rating System (CRS). It affords property owners discounted flood insurance rates. There is a Flood Insurance Study for Benton County dated 6/5/12. FEMA has identified Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) on Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for Bentonville. The SFHAs are subject to periodic flooding. The FIRMs help the city guide development to minimize flood losses and promote public safety. Certain regulations, forms, and permits are required for development in Special Flood Hazard Areas. An Elevation Certificate determines the base floor elevation of a structure to evaluate flood risk and documents community floodplain management ordinance compliance. Continued participation in the CRS program mitigates home and business damage by flooding. It helps property owners evaluate their flood risk, implement flood prevention techniques, and know the flood warning.


  • Protect human life and health;
  • Protect natural floodplains against unwise development;
  • Eliminate adverse impacts of necessary floodplain development;
  • Minimize expenditure of public monies on flood control projects;
  • Minimize the need for rescue and relief efforts associated with flooding and generally undertaken at the expense of the general public;
  • Minimize prolonged business interruptions due to flooding events;
  • Minimize damage to public facilities and utilities such as water and gas mains, electric, telephone and sewer lines, streets and bridges located in Special Flood Hazard Areas;
  • Minimize future flood blight areas to help maintain a stable tax base;
  • Provide for notice to potential buyers when property is in a Special Flood Hazard Area.

Working with a Special Flood Hazard Area

For working on sites touching the floodplain, a floodplain permit is required. A Floodplain Development Permit is required for all structural development, placement of manufactured structures, clearing, grading, mining, drilling, dredging, placement of fill, excavating, watercourse alteration, drainage improvements, roadway or bridge construction, individual water or sewer installations or any other development in a Special Flood Hazard Area to ensure conformance with the provisions of this Code.

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