Airport Advisory Board


The Airport Advisory Board meets on the first Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted in Announcements.

The next regular Airport Advisory Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 6, 2022 at 3:00 pm.  The meeting will be held via Zoom Webinar, and in person at City Hall - Planning Commission Chambers - 305 SW "A" Street.  If you have any questions, please contact Beverly Shepherd, Administrative Assistant, at, or by phone at (479) 271-3130.

You may register early for this meeting at the link below:


Airport Board Members

Name     Phone Term Expires Ex-Officio  
Richard Ham
09-30-2024 No  
Mark Slaughter
    (817)946-4991 10-5-2023 No  
Mike Frost

10-05-2023 No  
Brian Baldwin     (909)215-4342
09-20-2024 No  
Dennis Cherry     (479)790-4972
9-27-2022 No  
Chris Sooter     (479)366-1551

12-31- 2024 Yes  
  1. Richard Ham


  2. Mark Slaughter

    Vice Chairman

  3. Mike Frost

  4. Dennis Cherry

  5. Brian Baldwin

  6. Chris Sooter

    Ward 2 Position 2 Council Member


This board meets in committees, including:

  • Policy Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Safety Committee

Airport Advisory Board Information

For any questions, Email: Beverly Shepherd or call at 479-271-3131.