Mobile Food Vendor

A clean environment while serving food is good for your customers and your community. Wastewater from your mobile food business must be disposed of properly to avoid clogging sewer lines or polluting the environment. Even on the go, there is much you can do to protect the environment and avoid fines.

  1. Did You Know?
  2. Proper Etiquette Rules

Did You Know?

That a Mobile Food Vendor (MFV) must do the following to comply with the City of Bentonville Fats, Oil, and Grease Control Program.
  • Submit a copy of the Arkansas Department of Health Service Approval Form as part of the Outdoor Vendor Permit Application.
  • Must fill out and submit a Mobile Food Vendor Wastewater Disposal Verification Form as part of the Outdoor Vendor Permit Application.
  • If planning to discharge your grease waste within the city limits of Bentonville, you must contact the Pretreatment Technician at 479-696-0293 or via email at to schedule an inspection of the proposed grease waste discharge location by the pretreatment division.