Preliminary Plat Process

PP Flowchart

II: PC Approval

Planning Commission (PC) must approve preliminary plats. The process can take a minimum of 36 days. However, the published submittal date does not guarantee a planning commission date. An item will be placed on the PC agenda only after all comments are satisfied. The customer is responsible for meeting submittal deadlines and addressing comments in a timely manner.

Planning Commission approval gives the customer permission to proceed to the next phase, but does not grant permission to begin construction. 

4. Planning Commission Application

Customer submits a Preliminary Plat application on eTrakIt along with the Authorization to Apply to the Planning Department by noon on the published submittal date. The application and supporting documents must include all items on the application checklist. 

5. Comments & Resubmittals

Staff reviews the submitted plans for compliance with city codes and provides comments back to the customer. This process goes back and forth until all departments are satisfied.

  • 1st Submittal: Departments publish comments 1 1/2 weeks (on Wednesday) from the submittal deadline. The applicant has approximately 1 1/2 weeks to adjust the plan to reflect the 1st Submittal comments.
  • 2nd Submittal: Customer submits the 2nd Submittal to Planning (or via TrakIt) by noon on the Monday 1 1/2 weeks from when the 1st Submittal comments were published. Staff provides 2nd Submittal comments in one week (on Monday).
  • 3rd Submittal: Customer submits the 3rd Submittal the day before the Planning Commission meeting. For each additional submittal, staff comments will be available seven days form the next Monday after they are submitted.

6. Planning Commission Meetings

When all departments are satisfied with the submittal, the Planning Department will place the item on the Planning Commission agenda for their review and approval.

  • Tech Review Meeting: PC reviews the submittal with the customer and sets the agenda for the PC meeting.
    • 4:30 p.m. 
    • Tuesday prior to PC meeting
    • 305 SW A Street
  • Planning Commission Meeting: PC will approve or deny the submittal. Approval is contingent upon adequately addressing any remaining staff comments. 
    • 5:00 p.m. 
    • 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 
    • 305 SW A Street

NOTE: Planning Commission approval does not mean construction can begin. It can only begin after the Pre-Construction Conference.

Upon PC approval, customer can proceed to Phase 3: Pre-Construction.

  1. I: Plan Prep
  2. III: Pre-Con
  3. IV: Construct
  4. V: Complete

I: Plan Preparation

Plan preparation is the first and most important step. It consists of gathering development regulations and specifications and meeting with departments to work out the details of the development proposal.

1. Concept Meeting - Voluntary

To schedule:     Planning Department, 479-271-3122, email 

At the Concept Meeting, the customer meets with city staff to discuss the development plan. Staff will assist in determining compliance with zoning codes and explaining the development review process. Staff will provide the customer with the Pre-Application Conference Requirements which must be used to prepare plans for the Pre-Application Conference. 

2. Customer Plan Preparation

The customer prepares the preliminary plat following the Pre-Application Conference Requirements form. Customers should meet with appropriate departments to discuss specific items. Visit the Codes page for resources helpful in plan preparation:

3. Pre-Application Conference (Wednesdays)

To schedule: Planning Department, 479-271-3122, email

When staff has received 80% plans, the customer can schedule a Pre-Application Conference. At the Pre-Application Conference, held on Wednesdays, the customer and city staff review the plans for completeness. At this meeting, when staff determines the plans are complete, they will sign the Authorization to Apply, which is required to submit an application. 

Once all departments have signed the Authorization to Apply, customers can proceed to Phase 2: PC Approval.