Employment Opportunities

Part-Time (FDP-Firefighter Development Program)

The Bentonville Fire Department Firefighter Development Program (FDP) was established to progress the skills, knowledge, and credentials needed in order to become a full-time career firefighter with the Bentonville Fire Department.  All Firefighter Development Program Personnel shall be considered full members of the fire department.  They shall be expected to perform as Bentonville firefighters with a high level of professionalism.  The FDP is designed for those in school or with other jobs looking to transition into a full-time firefighting career. 

The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • At least 18 years of age at the time of testing
  • Driver's license
  • Pass a written and physical agility test
  • High school diploma, or equivalent
  • Must be able to attend evening training sessions twice a month and one 8-hour shift per month
  • Must be available to respond to emergency incidents while off duty

Contact Battalion Chief Matt Perkins by email or call (479) 271-3151 for additional information.

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Full-Time Firefighter

The Bentonville Fire Department currently works a 24/48 schedule.  We currently operate 7 stations covering a growing area in NW Arkansas.  Bentonville is being called the "Mountain Biking Capitol of the World" by Industry insiders and mountain bikers.  We also cover Thaden Air Field in what Flying Magazine calls "The Coolest Airport in the Country"  in 2022. Bentonville is a extremely fast growing area and has plenty to do if you are thinking of moving here and joining our extremely fast growing team.  

If you have any questions on requirements needed to be a full-time Firefighter or about the FDP, contact Battalion Chief Marcus Williams by email or call (479) 271-3151.

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