Karate Classes

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Karate lessons will be conducted in a structured, yet relaxed atmosphere.    Instruction will be delivered in a secure and fun fashion, with a focus on enjoyment and individual advancement in a non-competitive setting. The classes will prioritize safety, ensuring an environment as secure as that of yoga or tai chi, without any sparring. The primary focus of the curriculum will be on self-defense and personal development, rather than the competitive aspects of the sport. Traditional values such as etiquette, respect, and non-violence will be highlighted.   In addition, students will delve into the historical and cultural roots of karate.  

Classes will start on Tuesday February 6!


5:30pm - 6:15pm, ages 9 - 17 years 

6:30pm - 7:30pm, ages 18 - older 


Monthly, Tuesday and Thursday Nights  


Monthly Membership, Tuesday and Thursday Night Classes, 4 Week Sessions

$80.00 Member | $90.00 NonMember, ages 9 - 17 years

$100.00 Member | $110.00 NonMember, ages 18 - older 

Drop-in $10.00 per person, per session


Bentonville Community Center, Arts & Crafts Room