My vehicle was towed.....what do I do and where can I pick it up at?

*If your vehicle was towed following an arrest in the City of Bentonville, it was impounded by Bentonville Towing. Bentonville Towing is currently contracted for law enforcement towing services for the city. If there is no hold, your vehicle can be picked up at their facility located at:

302 SW Regional Airport Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712 (479) 273-3743

Be prepared to show proof of ownership and pay any associated fees. 

*If your vehicle was illegally parked or a safety hazard on the public roadway, please contact the Bentonville Police Department non-emergency number (479) 271-3170 to confirm if your vehicle was towed by our department. 

*If you were parked on private property and your vehicle was towed, this was more than likely by the property owner and you will need to contact them to find out what towing service has your vehicle. 

*If you were involved in an accident and your vehicle needs to be towed, the officer on scene will ask you your preference on a tow service. If no preference is given, the Bentonville Police Department will contact Bentonville Towing. 

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1. My vehicle was towed.....what do I do and where can I pick it up at?
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