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150th Anniversary Time Capsule Donation Form

  1. 150th Anniversary Time Capsule Donation Form

    2023 marks the Sesquicentennial (150th) Anniversary of the City of Bentonville. 

    We are collecting items to include in the 150th Anniversary Time Capsule that will be closed up later this year and reopened in 50 years on the 200th Anniversary.

    Review the guidelines below. If you have an item you believe belongs in this time capsule, submit your item below!

    Submitted items should be representative of Bentonville today. Historical images/items will not be included. Selected items will be based on size and relevancy to the project. Not every item submitted will be included in the time capsule. 

    We will notify those selected in late August 2023 and host the ceremony in September 2023. 

  2. Requirements

    Below are some criteria we are using to ensure all items are survivable to 50 years and will not harm other items within the capsule: 

    • Avoid anything acidic or that has acidic properties
    • Avoid anything that can degrade or has glue or other sticky substances (i.e. stickers)
    • Avoid anything with a liquid or organic component
    • Avoid any technology – it may not work in 50 years!
    • Print photos on high-quality papers or materials
    • Use pencils to label and write
    • Space is limited, so large items will not be allowed. Most paper contributions will be ok, but any items will need to be small. For instance, we will include a coin from the 150th celebrations.
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