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2023 Holiday Decorating Contest

  1. 2023 Holiday Decorating Contest
  2. Two Categories You Can Enter!

    Most Holiday Spirit: Goes to the neighborhood or area with the most participating households.

    People’s Choice Award: Goes to the neighborhood or area with the most votes.

    - Each home must have a minimum of 3-holiday decorations easily visible from the street.

    - Counting will begin the week of December 12th.

    - Must be a registered member of the Great Neighborhoods Partnership Program. 

    Questions? Email or call 479.254.2022.

  3. Your Information

    Please provide your name and email address.

  4. Neighborhood Information
  5. Please provide the approximate number of total households within your neighborhood or area. 

  6. Please provide the number of decorated households within your neighborhood or area. If you aren't sure yet, make your best guess. (City staff will verify.)

  7. Please provide general boundary lines of your area if there is no defined neighborhood name.

  8. If you would also like to be eligible for the People's Choice Award, please upload pictures below.
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