Ticket or Citations

What to Expect if You Receive a Ticket or Citation


The appearance date given on your ticket is your arraignment date. You must appear on this date unless you pay the ticket prior to the date. Please note, if the officer has indicated on the ticket that it is a must appear citation, then you may not pay the ticket prior to the court date, and you must appear before the Judge. 

At this first appearance you may talk to the Prosecutor about a plea negotiation. If an acceptable plea agreement is reached you may enter a plea of guilty and pay the clerk, however, certain misdemeanors require that you see the Judge, i.e. Driving While Intoxicated, Drug and Domestic cases. If the matter cannot be resolved with the Prosecutor, you may plead not guilty. If you plead not guilty, you will be given a second court appearance which will be your Trial date.


This appearance will be your trial date. The officer and other witnesses will be subpoenaed to appear and testify on behalf of the prosecution. You will have the opportunity to cross-examine these witnesses and to present evidence and testimony in your defense. The Arkansas Rules of Evidence apply during trial proceedings, and the prosecution must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. At the conclusion of the testimony, the Judge will render a verdict of guilty or not guilty.

Failure to Show

If you fail to appear at any scheduled court dates, the court may issue a warrant for you arrest.