Plant Facts

Bentonville Wastewater Treatment Plant Facts:

  1. There has been a wastewater treatment plant at this location, in one form or another, since about 1940.
  2. The wastewater treatment plant you see today is an Activated Sludge-Extended Aeration plant and was built in 1985.
  3. Since 1985, there have been four (4) plant upgrades:
    1. 1995: Additions to maintenance and operations buildings. No upgrades to the wastewater treatment processes were made.
    2. 2000: Two 600,000 gallon aerobic digesters and a blower building were added to improve the solids stabilization process.  Also, Anoxic basins were added at the North end of the plant for Nitrite + Nitrate Nitrogen removal.
    3. 2005: Modifications were made to the anoxic basins to accommodate biological phosphorus removal.  The chlorine disinfection system was replaced by a U.V. disinfection system.
    4. 2009: Drying beds were converted to a sludge storage area.  Two dump bays were added to provide an area for Vac-Con trucks and vacuum trailers to unload contaminated material removed from the sewer collection system.  The material is allowed to dry and then be disposed of at the compost facility or land applied.
  4. The Bentonville Wastewater Treatment Plant serves the residents, businesses and industries of Bentonville.
  5. Design capacity: 5 MGD (millions gallons per day)
  6. Permit capacity: 4 MGD
  7. Average daily flow for 2013: 3.58 MGD
  8. Average flow since NACA went online: 3.12 MGD
  9. Average dry weather flow since NACA came online:2.98 MGD
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  2. Len Brzozkiewicz

    Operations Supervisor