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Great Neighborhoods Partnership Registration Form

  1. Instructions
    Complete this form and upload required supplemental information to register a neighborhood for participation in the Great Neighborhood Partnership. Be sure the organization meets the eligibility criteria for participation prior to completing this form. Eligibility information is available on the Great Neighborhoods webpage: on the "Neighborhood Partners" tab.
  3. Type of organization*
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  4. Geographic Boundaries
    Newly forming neighborhood associations should speak with staff to determine the most appropriate boundaries ( If a specific boundary is difficult to identify, please attach a map of the boundaries.
  5. If the specific north/south/east/west boundaries are difficult to identify, please attach a map identifying the neighborhood boundaries.
  6. Means of communication with members:
    Check all that apply.
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  10. Primary Contact Information
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  12. Secondary Contact Information
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  15. Meeting Requirement
    Both newly forming (Activating Level) and existing organizations (Active Level) must have met at least twice in the last year to register as a Great Neighborhood Partner. Please provide meeting details below.
  16. * Existing organizations only (Active Level) *
    The following items are required only for existing neighborhood associations, POA's or HOA's wishing to register at the Active Level. To register at the Active Level, the organization must have a board of directors, bylaws and held at least one neighborhood event in the last year.
  17. Upload a list of the names, titles and email addresses of the board of directors.
  18. Upload a copy of the organization's bylaws.
  19. Upload documentation of a neighborhood event held in the last year. Acceptable documents are fliers, a Facebook post, newsletter ad, email notification, or dated photos.
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