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Care about the future of Bentonville? We’ve got news for you.

During 2018's Community Planning process, the citizens of Bentonville collectively prioritized thoughtful growth as a pressing concern for our next ten to twenty years. Now, in response, we're launching a community conversation around exactly what that looks like.

It's called Plan Bentonville and over the coming year, we'll be asking a series of questions about how and where we want to grow. What character do we want to cultivate? How do we want our streets to feel and function? Where in the city should we encourage desired growth and where do we seek to preserve the qualities we love?

With that information, we’ll ultimately develop the tools we need to ensure that the development we want is the development we get.

It all starts with a community survey we hope you’ll complete. You can find it, along with much more, at Or, access the survey directly at

We look forward to your participation.


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Bentonville Community Plan (2018)

The Bentonville Community Plan is the official comprehensive plan for the City of Bentonville. It is intended to serve as a roadmap for the community as it evolves, grows and changes over time. The plan is not an ordinance or a regulation, but instead serves to identify key areas of focus, define a vision for future growth and development, and provide guidance for city actions and investments over the next 10 to 20 years.

Future Land Use Map  (pdf)

The Future Land Use Map is a specific element of the Community Plan. It is intended to achieve coordinated and harmonious development and adequate provision of public facilities and services. The map identifies desired land uses across the city that must be balanced with individual property rights, existing conditions and other codes, policies and ordinances. The Future Land Use Plan is a general guideline and is not zoning. It does not entitle landowners or developers to a specific right of use, density or intensity of use.

Land Use Category Descriptions


About the Plan

The Community Plan is a guide that serves as a foundation for decision making over the next ten to fifteen years. It is a planning document intended to:

  • Articulate a vision for Bentonville that reflects the community’s aspirations
  • Serve as a road map as the community evolves, grows, and changes over time
  • Act as a foundation for decision-making for stakeholders throughout the community
  • Achieve a more coordinated “collective impact” across all spectrums of community life
  • Address the issues, challenges, trends, and opportunities facing the community