K-9 Team

The Bentonville Police Department's K-9 Unit is comprised of three K-9 teams. Each K-9 team consists of a veteran officer and their K-9 partner.

The K-9 unit was created to:

  • Assist officers with the detection of illegal narcotics and explosive materials
  • Apprehension of felons
  • Searching for lost persons
  • Protection of officers


The Bentonville Police Department's K-9 teams are nationally certified through the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association and American Working Dogs.

Invaluable Service

The K-9 team’s service to the community and their fellow officers has proven to be invaluable.

Robin and Maverick

Officer Robin Fields and Maverick

After exploring many options at the Bentonville Municipal Airport, the city implemented a K9 program that is very effective at removing geese, birds, and other wildlife hazards from the airport property. Robin has been a handler of several K9's during his law enforcement career. He and Maverick work daily to make the Bentonville Airport a safe place for our pilots. 

Robin is also a Reserve Officer with the Bentonville Police Department. 

Burger (2)

Corporal Andrew Burger and Kolyok


Corporal Kerry Pippin and Kalli