Site Inspections & Scheduling

Street Specifications Article 800, Section 2 - Inspections

The Developer shall provide for inspections of street improvements during construction. The inspections shall be accomplished under the supervision of the Engineer of Record. The Engineer of Record shall provide certification that all materials and construction conform to the approved plans and specifications and with these minimum street standards.

The Engineer of Record shall furnish full-time inspection on the job as required by state law. This law is interpreted by the City to mean that a representative of the Engineer of record must be on the job whenever a critical construction activity is taking place.

All field tests required for a project shall be witnessed by the City, the Engineer of Record, and the Contractor, or their authorized representatives.

A 24 hour notice is required on all tests. Calls to the City for the purpose of setting test times shall be made to the City Engineer's office by 10:00 a.m. for test on the following day. Tests delayed by weather or other factors will be rescheduled on the same basis. If a representative of the City cannot be present, the City Engineer may authorize the Engineer of Record to witness the test and certify to the City the results.

It is the responsibility of the Engineer of Record and the Contractor to coordinate the scheduling of such tests with the City.

Engineering Inspections relate to Large Scale Developments,  Subdivisions, Grading Permits, Retaining Walls Permits  and Floodplain Permits.

To schedule an inspection for an approved LSD/PP Site or Engineering Permit email:

The City of Bentonville Engineering Department provides Construction Inspection for public and private developments. The Construction Inspection Department is involved in the following activities as it pertains to Large Scale Development, Subdivisions and Public Improvements and the inspection and testing of:

  • Roadway/Right-of-Way
  • Drainage
  • SWPPP 
  • Trailways 
  • Electric Primary
  • Any applicable Appurtenances pertaining to the above mentioned items

Pre-Construction Conferences

Site Final Inspection Requests