Garage Sale Regulations

Garage Sale Regulations

As detailed in ordinance number 2005-138, from June 28, 2005.

  • Applicability - Includes yard sales, carport sales, garage sales, porch sales, patio sales and any other sales from a person’s residence.
  • Permit - A garage sale permit is not required.
  • Number of sales - Two (2) sales are permitted on a single property per calendar year.
  • Length of sale - Each sale can be held up to three (3) days.

Garage Sale Signs

As detailed in ordinance number 2016-117, from August 23, 2016.

  • Permit - A sign permit is not required for garage sale signs. They are considered temporary signs when on residential property and are allowed, subject to size and location restrictions below.
  • Number and size of signs - There is no specific limit on the number of signs per property; however, all signs on the property cannot exceed a cumulative total of 24 square feet. This can be comprised of any combination of number and sizes of signs, as long as all signs on the property, whether for the garage sale or not, do not exceed a cumulative total of 24 square feet.
  • Directional signs - Signs directing the public to the sale must be placed on private property with permission from the property owner; subject to the maximum of 24 square feet for all signs on the property.

Posting on Public Property Prohibited

Signs cannot be placed in, attached to, or painted on any city or other governmental property. Do not place them in the area between the sidewalk and street and do not attached them to a utility or light pole.