Park Springs Park

300 NW 10th Street

Park Springs Park is located between NW B and NW C Sts in the 1000 Block. The large covered pavilion makes for a great space for larger events with the fireplace and several picnic tables, all adjacent to the playground.


Park Springs Park has been a beautiful and beneficial part of the history of Bentonville since the 1890s. Interest in building a park began when two therapeutic springs were discovered on the outskirts of the thriving little town. Burns Arboretum/Nature Trail was dedicated in 1996 by the Bentonville Rotary that worked extensively to develop the trail and arboretum.

Park Springs Image of swingset and pavilion in the woods

There are 43 trees along the trail path marked by low profile wood posts with green painted numbers etched in the top of the posts. In addition, 22 shrubs and plants are marked by red lettered posted along the trail. The trees vary in age from 8 years to 220 years, including a magnificent white oak that sprouted in 1776. The pignut hickory at post 1 is the largest and oldest existing specimens on record in Arkansas and is a State Champion Tree. The most unique tree is the Tree of Heaven (ailanthus altissimo marked by post no. 25.

The project was coordinated by Dr. Bob C. Burns, Rotarian and President of Northwest Arkansas Community College.

Reserve This Pavilion

Amenities Availability
Electricity Yes
Picnic Tables
Pavilion Yes (lighted)
Parking Spaces
Yes - 16
Water Fountains
Benches Yes - 2
Dog Station